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Product Overview

In order to meet customer demand for graphite spherical powder equipment, Fengli company through nearly 10 years of research and development, integration of the domestic and foreign advanced powder body processing technology, from try to form the industrialization, launched graphite spherical powder of complete sets of production lines. The production line by feeding system, coarse crushing system, spherical powder of crushing and collecting system, finished product delivery system and automation system of systems, tailings and other components, forming an annual output of 1000~3000 tons of complete sets of production lines. Can containing carbon content for 80.0% to 99.0% of natural graphite, artificial graphite and other easily graphite carbon material crushed to the size in 5 ~ 30 m, massive, spherical or near spherical materials, products with high probability of spherical, good vibration density, high yield.

球形石墨 一栏971.png

Due to the requirement of the lithium ion battery, the particle size of the graphite powder is narrow, the density is large, so the technology and equipment of the graphite processing is very high. At present, the graphite is usually used in the process of air flow crushing or vibrating grinding and crushing. The product is usually a broken stone structure, the particle size is not uniform, the shape is irregular, the sharp edges and corners are sharp, and the density is low.

Spherical Graphite Production Line Case of Fengli :

1. Annual output of 3000 tons in Heilongjiang, China

2. Annual output of 6000 tons in Inner Mongolia, China

3. Annual output of 1000 tons in Shandong, China

4. Annual output of 2000 tons in Henan, China

5. Annual output of 2000 tons in Brazil

6. Annual output of 2000 tons in America

Advanced Process of Fengli

The graphite material feeding device into the QWJ-60 classifying fine mill  for primary grinding. After several online circulation after grinding by the cyclone collector and dust collecting materials to the secondary griding machine(a secondary griding machine by QWJ-30 classifying fine mill, Ultrafine Classifier, cyclone, pulse dust collector, blower connected in series. The material outlet of Ultrafine Classifier under sent to a mill for grinding plastic. After several times, the spherical graphite product is obtained. The material collected by the pulse dust collector is conveyed through the pipeline through the pipe, and sent to the finished product packaging line for centralized packaging. The full set of production line is controlled by the automation.

The production line has a number of significant features

■Sets the centrifugal impact crushing, crushing, crushing in a body

■The self flow type equipped with grading system

■The grinding spare parts using composite wear-resistant materials

■The environmental pollution: the production of negative pressure by the United States high-tech filtering device, no dust, clean production

■The high degree of automation: the production line adopts advanced touch screen, PLC programmable controller, automatic control and strong stability

■The finished products after processing, tap density, high efficiency.


Using the American high-tech filter device, works under the negative pressure, no powder spilling and clean. 

球形石墨 一栏3008.png

球形石墨 一栏3011.png